our services at a glance

Barking Mad Pet Concierge personalizes our services to meet your needs and those of your pet. We require an initial consultation before services begin so that we may introduce ourselves to you and your pet, and get to know and understand your pet's personality and routines to provide the very best possible care. This initial meeting is free of charge and generally lasts 30 to 45 minutes.

Call or email us for a comprehensive list of rates and service details  

  dog walking

An exercised dog is a healthy dog.
We come right to your door to walk your dog in the comfort of his or her own neighborhood. We offer daily walks, poop scoops, provide fresh food and water; and ensure the cleanliness of food and water bowls. 30 minute walks are our most requested, however, feel free to request shorter or longer walks as needed.

  pet sitting

Pets are happier and healthier when schedules are consistent.
When long work days, and even longer commutes, keep you away from home and your pet for a larger part of the day, we come to your home to provide loving care and companionship to your pet. We will provide regular meals and fresh water for your pets; poop scoop and/or scoop litter boxes on each visit; and give your pet lots of love and affection during your absence including playtime, petting, brushing, and any other activity that is part of the regular daily routine of your pet.

  overnight pet care

Pets experience less stress in the comfort of their own home.
Whether you are travelling for business, pleasure or family commitments, Barking Mad will ensure that your time away from home is worry-free. We provide uninterrupted feeding, walking, cuddling, playtime, medication administration, and exercise schedules per your instructions. Additionally, you may request mail and newspaper pick up, watering of indoor plants, and alternating of lights and blinds to make your home appear lived in while you are away. You return from travel to a happy pet and a secure home.

  dog beach outings

A fantastic heart pumping time for social dogs who need to run, or just love the company of other dogs!
We provide your pet with exhilarating exercise and loads of affection. This unique service is available Monday through Friday afternoons. Your pooch will enjoy a minimum of 60 minutes of off-leash time at either Rosie’s Dog Beach in Belmont Shore or Huntington Dog Beach.

  pet taxi

Convenience and peace of mind for pet parents!
We offer pet taxi service to and/or from your pet’s local vet and grooming appointments while you are plugging away at your workday. For veterinary visits, we can stay for the length of the visit to ensure comfort of your pet and to discuss any special care instructions with the veterinarian.

  errand services

More time for the things you value most.
We can pick-up food, treats and other pet supplies at a local retailer of your choice so you get to maximize time spent with your pet.